× NOTE FOR MOBILE USERS! Our documentation is currently under development. The screenshots provided are from the desktop version. However, it’s important to note that WHAP is a cross-platform application, which means that the instructions remain consistent across all platforms.

How To Create A New WHAP Website

In this article learn how to create a WHAP website using the WHAP website builder app.

Follow the steps to create a WHAP website.

Click "Add" to create a website

Enter Website Details

In the dialogue box, enter the website's essential information. This data is crucial because it will automatically populate the necessary fields located throughout the website, including the "click to call" and "click to email" buttons.

WHAP's integrated language model utilises this information to generate text and keywords for each website page, offering an excellent starting point for any website.

The text can be further customised and edited within the editor tab, allowing the flexibility to tailor the content to specific preferences and needs. This streamlined process ensures a quick and effective kick-start to any website.

The information WHAP asks for includes;

  • Business or website name
  • Industry type - eg; Roofer, General Builder, Flooring Contractor
  • Operating area or location
  • A contact number
  • An email address
  • An address

These details can be added later in the details section of the editor, however these details are important for WHAP to provide accurate descriptions and keywords for the website.