Sports Collaboration Program: Overview and Terms

Welcome to the Sports Collaboration Program.

The following information and terms for the Sports Collaboration Program.

We're excited to introduce you to the Sports Collaboration Program with WHAP®! Before you join, here's everything you need to know about this opportunity:

Program Overview:

The Sports Collaboration Program provides participating teams with a complimentary website hosted by WHAP®, along with the chance to earn a 25% annually recurring revenue share of the WHAP® subscription fee associated with users who use the club's coupon code at checkout. This revenue share is contingent upon the team's commitment to regular monthly posts on their social media platforms, showcasing their collaboration with WHAP®.

Dual Purpose of Social Media Posts:

Your monthly social media posts will serve two important purposes: they'll spotlight your team's association with WHAP® to generate potential income, and they'll promote awareness and downloads of the WHAP® app. Each team will receive a unique coupon code linked to their identity, allowing users who enter this code at checkout to trigger the revenue share.

Revenue Share Details:

Collaborators will receive £48 annually from the £192 WHAP® subscription fee when users renew their subscription using the team's coupon code. This revenue infusion is intended to support your team's infrastructure and equipment needs, fostering growth and sustainability within the local sports community.

Requirements & Obligations:

Upon joining the program and establishing your live website with the unique coupon code, you'll automatically receive default post content provided by WHAP LTD. This content, consistent in theme and topic on a monthly basis, aims to streamline your posting process and minimize design efforts.

Communication and Content Delivery:

WHAP LTD will provide you with monthly post content via email on the 20th of each month. You'll have 8 days to review, publish, or raise any objections before the scheduled post date on the 28th of each month. It's crucial to include your unique coupon code in each post to ensure viewers can utilize it during checkout on the WHAP® platform.

Important Note:

To receive the 25% revenue share, viewers must use your coupon code during checkout. Failure to include the code in the post or non-utilization of the code by viewers renders the revenue share invalid and unrecoverable.

We're committed to providing lightweight and easily manageable post content to promote your association with WHAP® effectively. This approach minimizes the need for time-consuming design processes and ensures consistency across all collaborations.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We're here to assist you throughout your collaboration with WHAP®!

Thank you for considering our Sports Collaboration Program. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you and contribute to the success of your sports community initiatives!

Best regards,

The WHAP® Team

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