Welcome to WHAP LTD's Sports Collaboration Program

We're thrilled to present local sports enterprises with an exciting opportunity to elevate their online presence and drive revenue through our innovative Sports Collaboration Program.

Imagine your sports team greeting followers and fans with a stunning, user-friendly website that showcases your club in its best light. This is exactly what our program offers complimentary, professionally designed websites hosted by WHAP®.

WHAP's sports websites are crafted to make a difference. Here's why you should join our Sports Collaboration Program:

Power Your Team To New Heights

By becoming a collaborator, your club will receive a unique coupon code. Simply mention your collaboration with WHAP in monthly social media posts and encourage your followers to use the coupon code at checkout in the WHAP® app. Each use triggers a 25% revenue share with your sports club every year a follower renews their WHAP website subscription, creating a steady revenue stream for your club.

WHAP® is available for download on major app stores for both mobile and desktop devices. It's designed to be user-friendly, empowering users and club followers to manage their own website using WHAP's powerful tools while supporting your club with a 25% revenue share. Plus, it saves hundreds of pounds annually compared to traditional website agency costs.

Join us in this exciting journey of growth and empowerment. Let's enhance your club's online presence and drive revenue together with WHAP®!

To learn more see our terms HERE. To get started, complete the form and we will be in touch.

Warm regards,

The WHAP® Team

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